Injectable Treatments

  • Chin Sculpting

    Reduce your double chin with injections for improving the appearance of submental fat/fullness under the chin. Using a series of clinically proven fat dissolving injections, you can now say good-bye to your double chin. Our non-surgical double chin treatment reduces fat under the chin and contours the neck and jawline via a series of clinically […]

  • Beauty Booster

    With time, our skin progressively loses its structure due to loss of hyaluronic acid and elasticity, fat under the skin, and bone resorption. Consequently our facial skin sags and the face loses its volume. The oval line is less defined, the contour slackens, cheekbones flatten and tear troughs deform and widen. With age we can […]

  • Anti-Aging Injectables

    Anti-aging injections help to relax certain muscles in the face that cause wrinkles. The most common areas for treatment are frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines. We can also use this product to relax certain muscles to create an eyebrow lift, reduce a gummy smile, slim line jawline, and to stop the downward pull […]

  • Injectable Filler

    The medical staff at Pamper choose to use hyaluronic acid fillers that ensure a natural result. Fillers smooth outlines, fill out wrinkles and create volume in the face, for example fuller lips or clearer facial contours. The treatement, which is carried out by certified practitioners is simple and takes about 30 minutes. The product is […]

  • Acne Management

    At Pamper Medical Skin Clinic we have developed a comprehensive acne management treatment program. The program is different for each individual patient and involves a combination of treatment options. You may be prescribed a prescription topical cream or gel, oral antibiotics, AHA & BHA solutions or retinoids. A peel program may be recommended and a […]