Boost your Injectables results with Laser & Light treatments

Looking to boost the results of your injectable treatments? Look no further than laser and light therapy.

Your anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections are great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and enhancing volume. They won’t however help you to correct uneven skin tone or texture which can make you look older than you are. This is where laser and LED light therapy comes in to play.


Laser treatments like Laser Genesis combined with Clear+Brilliant work to prevent the signs of ageing by stimulating collagen to smooth fine lines and plump your skin. They also work to correct redness and pigmentation while removing dead skin cells for a brighter and healthier complexion.

Laser treatments like Fraxel and Laser Vein work to provide longer term correction of skin conditions such as deep wrinkles and folds, skin laxity and spider veins and rosacea. Fraxel can significantly resurface your skin in just one annual treatment. It works to remove pigmentation, reduce wrinkles and tighten and plump your complexion by stimulating collagen and elastin. A Laser Vein treatment is ideal for collapsing unsightly veins and treating skin conditions such as rosacea, producing long-lasting results.

While lasers may sound daunting to the uninitiated, when operated by an experienced clinician they are safe and highly effective. The non-invasive treatments produce significant and long-lasting results in as little as seven days with minimal to no downtime. It’s for this reason that they’ve become a key treatment in many of our clients’ proactive skincare treatment plans.


IPL and LED Light Therapy are also great additions to your injectable treatment plan that can deliver significant healing benefits and reduction of unsightly pigmentation and redness with no pain or downtime. LED works to promote overall skin rejuvenation by improving bruising, recovery time and relieving pain.


By combining laser and light therapy with your injectable treatment plan, you’ll end up with an all-round brighter and healthier looking complexion.

Your clinician will work with you to determine the best laser and light therapy treatments to combine with your injectables plan to ensure you achieve optimum results. They’ll also determine the correct order and intervals to have each treatment.

Book a complimentary consultation today to learn about the benefits of laser and light therapy combined with cosmetic injectables.