Pamper Clinic incorporates medical treatments and beauty services in a private and convenient location. Since early 2004, Pamper Clinic has helped people in their quest for better skin and overall appearance. Whether it is turning back the clock by applying sophisticated rejuvenation techniques, halting the effects of ageing or repairing skin damaged by the sun or acne, our team will ensure that you are set on the right path early on in the consultation phase.

Joanne AuldJoanne Auld

Joanne Auld is the founder, director and CEO of Pamper Clinic and the driving force behind The Skincare Company. Jo’s passion for skin care is reflected in her day to day running of her own clinic and shares over 20 years experience working in the medical industry. With her advanced certification in medical skin care, dermal fillers and wrinkle reducing treatments, Jo is passionate about the service and products she offers and this is reflected in the day to day running of her own medical skin clinic.

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